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6 Things Your Business Website Should Needs

Nowadays, almost 97% of people are searching service vendors or industry products through online or certain business/market platforms, therefore, your business web design should connect with search engine, business platforms as well as ensure the site is digital & seo friendly.

In fact, most customers will directly engage your service or directly purchase your products. so the typical/static website is not competitive & match with the digital user needs like you and me, definitely your website must get ready digital enough for catering with digital users out there.


Absolutely you know people use the internet to get information about local businesses so company website was important to their business’s success.


Internet Use: Device Perspective Report

How to define your website is ready for the digital world:

  1. Modern Design
  2. User Friendly & Mobile friendly
  3. Important Business Information
  4. Search engine (SEO) Friendly
  5. E-commerce compatibility
  6. Outbound connection
  7. Web & email security
  8. Web traffic data analysis