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We all know that the Business Value (Business Valuation), business value is determine the health and well-being of the firm in the long run and is benefit that will be realized by the customer of a project, and can be measured in either monetary or non-monetary terms.

To understand more about Business Value

Digital Business


And How about digital business value?

Online business value is intangible like digital assets, brand image (Brand recognition) or online strategy (web content).

Digitalization and the rise of digital business. We need a Chief information officer (CIO) and data analytic leaders to review their digital business value. IT leaders and the marketing leader need to work together is focused on value transformation rather than value creation.

Digital Assets

  1. Desktop and Mobile Website - many companies are pursuing a mobile-first strategy
  2. Client Database
  3. Big Data for decision making.
  4. Digital documentation of files like images, video, audio
  5. System or software

Brand Image

  1. Logo, catchphrases, or symbols
  2. Name & Slogan recognise by the public
  3. Identity likes photo Images, corporate colours.
  4. Customer Engagement Value

Online Strategy

  1. Digital Marketing Plan
  2. Web content for any creative element
  3. Online social media - Social media applications used as learning tools to monitor industry trends, customer sentiment and competitor moves.

The firm that have good digital business value

Uber has a platform that connects people and drivers at a massive scale through the internet, while creating an experience that improves on what was previously available to people.

Netflix gave customers the option to stream video on demand. It disrupted itself and transformed the way that people view film and television media.