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About Cold Calling Marketing

Cold calling typically refers to solicitation by phone or telemarketing but can also involve in person visits, such as in door-to-door sales people. Furthermore, the comparative attractiveness of cold calling is decreasing in comparison with more modern types of prospecting including, social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linked.

To making an effective cold call, we need a well- thought-out approach. Thinking carefully about “when” and “who” can significantly increase your chances of success. Then need to know how to handle and follow up the call. Plan call times wisely, the people you wish to target those with the power to influence and make decisions are some of the busiest people within an organization, which means you need to think carefully about the best time to call. Where possible, avoid Mondays when people are settling into their working week and Fridays, when they’re winding down for the weekend. Aim to call between 5 and 7pm, when people have tied up the day’s work and have more time to chat. Cold calling is a performance. You need to be able to get in a zone, like actors do.

One good example for this situation are actors use scripts for most of their work. Yet somehow not all television shows and movies sound like a bunch of robots beeping at each other. They’re full of real human emotion! so it must be possible to use a script and talk like an actual person, but you can’t just read your lines. It’s easy to get great at utilizing a script in cold calls if you’re willing to put in the work.

Once we experimented with the right time to call, set yourself a target number of calls per week and schedule a window to make them. Sales is not about selling products rather, it’s about selling solutions to the customers’ problems. This applies just as much to cold calling as to any other type of sales technique. The disadvantage of the nature of cold calling means that even the most skilled salesperson is never going to have a 100% success rate but if you find yourself having a streak of “bad luck”, look closer and make sure there’s nothing you could be doing better improve. This guide to common cold calling mistakes should help you identify potential pitfalls. As technology advances, cold calling has become less desirable.  Newer, more effective prospecting methods are available, including email, text, and social media marketing through outlets like Facebook and Twitter. Compared to cold calling, these new methods are often more efficient and effective at generating new leads.

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